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Jack Daniel's Book Promo
Cheers, to the client's client
A one-of-a-kind project for Old No. 7

Jive! A Printworks Studio was tasked with the production of 100 limited-edition custom books to commemorate the construction and renovation projects completed by their client – a construction firm – for one of America’s most legendary spirits. These would be gifted to the leaders and project contributors among both organization’s staffs and various stakeholders in the holiday season.

After keeping the secret for the client until presentation had been completed, Jive! sought to create a warm promotional video to accompany social media posts and advertising about the project. Presented as a time-lapse of a reader seated at a bar, sipping Jack Daniel’s while exploring the book, this video element brought engagement to a far higher level than prior postings without animated/motion elements.

This was a single-camera production with the bartender and one producer, filmed and edited in a single afternoon. Quality artistic payoff for a low investment in time and resources. (And a good excuse to enjoy a glass.)