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DogSafe™ Pet Containment
A brand well-trained

A scrappy startup facing a pack of worthy competitors in a massive market, DogSafe™ started as a literal dog-mom-and-pop operation. A world-class brand was essential to position their underground fencing, training, and accessory business for success.

From the very beginning, the brand was conceptualized as big, bold, bright, and noticeable against peer competitors. Early investments in collateral, personal gear, and service vehicles were given immense added value with the base branding, and precise guidelines allowed the client to keep multiple vendors on-brand, including sign-makers, directory display ads, local cable outlets, and publications – all making ready use of a diverse set of resources, including a custom library of stock pups with synthesized branded bling.

Initial services included the creation of the website, coining a domain name that additionally serviced the brand messaging themes incorporated within the copywriting  produced for collateral, web, and boilerplate libraries.

This was a full-service engagement, including strategy and execution across a variety of mediums and expertise.