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Restorative justice program

The program operated by Tennessee Youth Courts is one of the leading resources available to schools who want to be part of the solution for a better future for at-risk young people.

In this program, teens are involved in the process of justice among their peers and mentored by legal professionals who are able to energize and inspire future members of their field and also do their part in community volunteerism. Instead of another punitive correction dictated by adults from a distance, students are engage their own legal system inside the school, bringing fairness and healing to the process.

To accurately express this brand and elevate its profile and professionalism, an organic vision of growth was conceived, which could “bear the fruit” of the organization’s three primary values of Accountability, Competency and Community. As their activities revolve so much around government and legal trappings, type styling was selected which compliments those institutions. The resulting balance represents all facets of the brand for all of its audiences.