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Michael Keaton Replica Baseball Card
TRUE uniqueness

Left: Historic reference image of actual card. Center and Right: Replica version featuring commissioned illustration of Mr. Keaton.

A special commission for the bat… man.

Recreating a vintage baseball card as a key element of a one-of-a-kind sports memorabilia package? Sure. Can do.

This project involved layout and design of a custom, one-off baseball card replica in collaboration with Epoch Talent and a team of contributors for a unique keepsake gift, presented to their client, Hollywood legend Michael Keaton.

As Mr. Keaton is a big fan fo the Pittsburgh Pirates, organizers commissioned this assembly of faux historic pieces, professionally produced, displayed, and framed. It was presented to the acclaimed star as a thank-you gift at a private signing event organized by the client.

Illustration: Lukas Ketner
Memorabilia Display: Andy Stoltz